Join Us at Kindred 2020

As a creator, you may qualify for a complimentary Kindred 2020 pass and up to $1,000 in hotel reimbursements through our Hosted Creator Program.

The hotel reimbursement is based on receipts submitted following the event.

To qualify, you must be a content creator committed to using your power for good, and participate in a Quest onsite. These are unique opportunities to gather alongside a nonprofit and brand coalition to become a force multiplier on an area of impact. Combine your talents with expertise in the field to build an initiative that shifts culture and changes lives.
We do have a few qualifications for this program:
→ Creators will need to have a minimum of 5000 followers on their primary platform.
→ Content on the platform must be open for public consumption, not a private account.
→ Creators should have worked in partnership with an organization or brand to create partnered content.
→ Creators should be open to partnering with brands, nonprofits, or other organizations to create partnered content on their platforms.
→ Creators must be committed to using their platforms for good.
Complete the form below to apply for discounted or free passes. We recommend submitting as early as possible since we’ll be making decisions on a rolling basis and space is limited. Within six to eight weeks applicants will receive a response on the status of your applications. If you do not qualify for our Hosted Creator program, but you do still qualify as a creator, you’ll still be eligible for a discounted pass to Kindred 2020.